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Chatsmore Supports The Kimilili Trust

(Harambee is a Swahili word that carries the idea  “do this together”).

Lastest pictures of new Kimilili science block sponsored by Chatsmore Catholic High School.

kimilili 2014 080

kimilili 2014 085

The Kimilili Trust is a small charity run by West Sussex people for the benefit of young people in the Kimilili area of Western Province, Kenya. The people are mainly subsistence farmers. In a good year they grow enough food not to starve but they have very little money.

The people who live in this area value education very highly. We are helping the community of Namboani, just outside Kimilili, build a secondary school for their daughters. We are being kindly assisted in this project by the staff and students of Chatsmore Catholic High School. An urgent need is more classrooms and a science laboratory. In Namboani the farmers are busy felling trees and making bricks. We are buying cement and roofing materials. The community is providing labour.TOGETHER WE ARE BUILDING A SCHOOL. All research shows that community development is greatly increased when the female population is well educated. Schools for girls are therefore vital.
The charity – The Kimilili Trust which is run by Jan and John – is also involved in projects for other schools and in other ways to help the young people in this area have a better quality of life.

This area has been badly hit by AIDS and many children are being brought up by an elderly female relative, for example a grandmother. For these family units we run a REVOLVING CHICKEN PROJECT. We lend these women three chickens. When the first eggs are laid and hatched they give us three hatchlings back. Now they have been given nothing and they owe nothing BUT they possess three chickens. By hatching more eggs they can increase their flock size and by selling eggs in the market they can start to support their grandchildren.
We also help school communities source clean water by catching and saving rainwater: WATER HARVESTING. In this way we have been told that we have virtually eliminated typhoid and cholera from some of the schools we have helped.

For more details about these other projects and to learn more about our charity please visit our web site:

The Kimilili Trust