Teachers of Science at Chatsmore Catholic High School are enthusiastic and passionate about their subject and endeavour to pass this enthusiasm on to our students through exciting experiments, lively discussion and excellent teaching. We cater for all types of learners in the science department and provide a varied and creative curriculum at Key Stage 3, which is closely matched to the skills and knowledge needed for students to make good progress at KS4.

In Year 7 students will study a range of topics starting off with how science works, laboratory skills and health and safety in the lab. Students will then go on to study: Biology, including cells, body system, reproduction, ecology, muscles and bones; Chemistry, including particle model, reactions, acids and alkalis, separating techniques, atoms, elements and compounds; Physics, including forces, sound, light, space, energy resources and electrical circuits.

In Year 8 students are extended on their learning experiences from year 7 covering the following topics: Biology, including food and digestion, breathing and respiration, plant reproduction and unicellular organisms; Chemistry, including the periodic table, metals and their uses, combustion and the rock cycle; Physics, including light, sound, heating and cooling, and electromagnets.

In Year 9 students begin their GCSE course either following the new specification AQA trilogy award with the expectation that some will take the separate sciences. During the beginning of the year students will cover topics in preparation for the start of the KS4 curriculum: Biology, including photosynthesis and fit and healthy; Chemistry, including environmental chemistry and reactivity in chemistry; Physics, including speed, pressure, moments and electricity.